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Welcome to Ani Limo Service,the home of luxury party bus and limo service Beverly Hills,CA. The lavish town of Beverly Hills hosts the finest gatherings. Constantly, services are needed to keep up with the high demand of transportation from place to place. Professionals and parties alike utilize luxury transportation, as it offers a unique experience unlike any other. That’s why we created our professional services open to all of southern California, as the need always rises. Our customers need professionalism, time consistency, luxury and great rates. We focus to satisfy the needs of the customer and be the best limo service in the area.

We provide assistance for multiple occasions and here are our quality services:

Our Beverly Hills Limousine service is one of our most popular packages as the city is always bustling with events, parties and concerts. Also, there are many new visitors in town, so the party bus driver knows all the spots that are popular. This Party ride eliminates the need for individuals to take their car, as at events alcohol can be served and consumed. We take pleasure in offering everybody a ride and dropping them at home safely at the end of the night. Also, our customers enjoy the volume that they can accommodate and many split the cost of the ride between themselves so it becomes extremely affordable. Customers can set up predetermined destinations, and the establishments will know they are coming so they won’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines to get assistance.

Fleet of Luxury Cars

Airport Services

Traveling itself can be a hassle, but landing and trying to find help can be more annoying. You already handled the stress of packing and preparing for a flight, why worry about transportation? Many of our customers arrive in this city as completely new guests as they may travel for business and transportation is unfamiliar to them. We will pick you up with our Beverly Hills airport services, help you with your bags and get you to where you need to go. This is why many call back for our Beverly Hills Car Service, as we are there promptly welcoming you every time.

Type of Service offered

Corporate Accounts

Many professionals enjoy the privacy our packages offer as many people are constantly at work to better their career. In our Beverly Hills Limo Services, comfort, privacy and a peaceful atmosphere inside the limo is maintained and allows for the best concentration.


Booking and Reservation:

Our easy booking and reservation system makes it a breeze to work with. Alternatively, you could also call us and talk to our professionally trained and friendly customer service personnel who are eager to serve you.

There is a long list of advantages that we can offer to our customers that meet the needs of most individuals looking for a ride. We not only offer a ride, but an experience, as we strive to bring the best comfort.

  • Relaxation

Our Beverly Hills Limo service is one of the best places to feel relaxed and calm. With lot of amenities provided, we make it all the more stress free.

  • Luxury Package

Our packages are also customized based on individual needs. You can discuss with us about your requirements and we will suggest what will suit you best.

  • Eliminates major issues with transportation

Finding a parking spot, especially in busy surrounding cities can be a hassle for individuals. Our service will take care of the parking problem, just sit back and relax.

  • Drivers Are Certified

We strive to find the best of the best when it comes to our employees. Our drivers are not only great drivers, but are CPR certified as well. We strive for excellence and convenience at all times, but go the extra mile when it comes to the safety of people.

Why choose us?

We believe that customers are always right and we take care of them right from start. Special requests will be taken care of and we are only a click or call away.

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The Best Limo Service Beverly Hills

Many professionals enjoy the privacy our packages offer as many people are constantly at work to better their career. In our Beverly Hills Limo, comfort, privacy and a peaceful atmosphere inside the limo is maintained and allows for the best concentration.

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