Bachelorette parties in the limo

Bachelor / Bachelorette party limo services

Renting a limo for your last night of freedom is a great idea to have fun with all your friends but also to do so in a safe way. Bachelor party limo services will provide both transportation and a memorable night out according to your requirements. The limo driver can pick you and your friends up and then take you to your preferred venue for the celebration or they can take you from venue to venue until you call it a night.

When we are contacted about our bachelor or bachelorette party limo services we like to find out more about our client’s expectations so that we can provide the best service according to their needs. We are always glad to provide suggestions on what kind of limo would suit their needs as well as ideas of where to go and what to do.

Our chauffeurs have experience with such party services so they also know different places that would be of interest to a man or woman on their last night out with their friends.

Small Party

For small parties, we recommend an ordinary stretch limo that will take a maximum of 8 people seated comfortably. We will provide complimentary drinks and you can have music played according to your preference. If you would like to visit a number of spots in the night, the driver will take you there and wait for you outside. If you do not know where to go, you can discuss with the chauffeur who will make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge of the party spots in the town. The driver is also discrete so whatever happens at your bachelor or bachelorette party will stay at the party.

Large Party

If you have more than 8 people in your party then we would recommend you try the bachelor party bus rental. The party bus can accommodate over 20 people and is designed especially for having fun. With a party bus you can choose to just stay in the bus and drive around the city as you have the party in the bus or you can use it as an extension of the clubs or bars that you go to so that even when you are traveling from one venue to another, the party does not have to stop there. The ambiance in the party bus is like that of the VIP section of a club with luxurious chairs, party lights, air conditioning, and complimentary drinks.

We understand that the needs of a bachelor may be different from those of a bachelorette so when providing bachelorette party limo bus services or bachelor party services, we ensure that we provide the right person to attend to the specific needs of the client depending on their gender as well as preferences.
Your Wedding Limo Entertainment at its best

The party bus is intended to entertain our client as much as it is to provide luxury. If you are going to take a long trip in this bus, you can choose to watch a movie on the LCD screen or if you would rather dance then there are state-of-the-art music systems in the bus to provide quality sound for you and your groomsmen or bridesmaids to be. You will also find a pole in the party bus which seems to be loved by a number of our clients who either try out their pole dancing skills or have a professional dance for them.

Drinks for all

While we do provide a limited amount of complimentary drinks, our clients can bring their own drinks into the party bus. As part of the bachelorette party limo bus services, we do provide coolers in the limos for your drinks as well as stands that are secure to avoid the drinks spilling as you travel to your destination.

Safety is our main priority

While we do encourage clients to be responsible for their own safety, our chauffeurs too can ensure that the clients do not end up getting injured in any way while they are in the bus. We take care to explain safety precautions to our passengers because we realize that parties that have alcohol may get a bit chaotic. The chauffeur will ensure that you have fun and get back home in one piece.

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