Brewery tour limo service

Brewery Tour Limo Service

Are you planning brewery tour limo service in Los Angeles? Touring beer breweries in Los Angeles is something that any food or beverage enthusiast should engage in. Aside from learning about how the best beers in the region are being made, you will even get to sample some of the finest brews! There are a number of breweries in the city and most of these create the finest craft beers in the country. Taking time off from your busy LA city tours and from shopping in the most fantastic shopping centers and districts in the city to check out these breweries is definitely a great idea.

And if you are traveling to LA as a group or thinking about joining a beer tasting event, there could only be one way to travel and that is by hiring limo or party bus service. A limousine and a party bus will not just transport you and your guests to the different breweries in the city but also has the most talked-about amenities when it comes to travelling on the road. You will arrive at your chosen brewery or engage in a brewery tour safely and on time.

Why a brewery tour party bus rental?

A party bus has plenty of leg room and even dance room for all your guests to enjoy. You will be able to host a brewery party, play games and serve refreshments all in comforts of a party bus. A brewery tour limo will surely have a convenient liquor bar where guests can sample the best beers in the city and of course a few of the greatest brews from other places and even international beer. This is definitely one reason you should consider a brewery tour limo service for your group.

A brewery tour service is prefect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties and coming of age parties. It is also a fitting ride for Oktoberfest celebrations where people just can’t help to drink beer.

Rental rates for brewery tour limo service?

Rental rates vary according to the type of brewery tour limo service and party bus rental that you want to rent. When it comes to limousines, there is a fantastic variety of models to choose from: there are Cadillacs, Lincolns, Chrysler 300s, Hummers and Mercedes Benz. Pick one that fits your style and your budget.

And when it comes to party bus rentals, you can find a huge variety of buses according to sizes. You will find small buses that can accommodate up to 12 people, medium-sized buses that can carry up to 30 people and large buses that can fit 40 to 50 people. Clearly there is a party bus ride that will fit your budget and the number of people in your group.

The top LA breweries to include in your travel itinerary

  • Eagle Rock Brewery – Roswell St.
  • Angel City Brewery – Alameda St.
  • Bonaventure Brewing Co. – S. Figueroa St.
  • Karl Strauss Brewing Company – World Way
  • Pabst Brewing Co. – Santa Monica Blvd.
  • Highland Park Brewery – York Blvd.
  • Mumford Brewing – Boyd St.

Most of these breweries offer tasting sessions and even sell their special beer upfront. You can also find beer tours or brewery tours from every corner of Los Angeles. Make sure that you have a specific brewery in mind or if you are unfamiliar with the businesses in the area, consult your limo or party bus driver with the best spots.

Things to remember

The most important thing to remember is that you must have a specific number of people or guests that you want to include in your party bus or limo ride. A specific number of people will help you find the ideal limo or party bus rental to choose from. It would be easy to pick the particular limo or party bus if you also have an idea of the best features or amenities.

Aside from having a particular number of guests in mind, it is also important to have a particular brewery in mind. There are so many breweries in Los Angeles Area, that you must check all these out before you make a decision. It would also be more efficient and definitely a lot faster when you join on winery tours in LA.

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