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We are pleased to mark our two and a half decades serving the people of California in the Luxury transport sector. The Executive corporate limo services has been active in the cities ensuring executives and professionals are able to access quality transport when on the move. We have seen an exponential growth in our core business which shows many people need these services. To this end, we have modernized and expanded our fleet to meet the demand. To better understand our services we will focus on the city of Los Angeles and showcase our excellent customer service.

Brief description of the City

Often referred to by the initials L.A., the city is widely known for the Mediterranean climate, the diverse ethnic groups, thriving metropolis and the seat of entertainment- Hollywood. It is one of the most populous cities in the California state and the Second largest in the Union. The city has a rich history which can be traced to the Spanish Empire. The Spanish would become the first settlers and over the centuries a key part of the city’s heritage. Since then many different groups have made it their home.

Home to Hollywood, it has become linked with Film and other forms of entertainment. Blessed with breathtaking landmarks, good hotels and modern transport system, tourists flock into the area on a daily basis. You can see how proud we at Executive corporate limo services are of being part of this wonderful community.

What makes our corporate services special?

There is a saying that states time is money. Nobody understands this better than our team in L.A. Business professionals and executives are constantly on the move from one location to the other. Their aides spend a lot of time on the phones booking flights and vehicles for their bosses. The executives want to arrive to their destinations faster and with minimum hassle. They may also want to get some work done on the way. This is difficult to achieve when you are in a cab or small private vehicle. This is where we come in as a company. Our limo service is equipped with the tools necessary to work while travelling. Think of them as mobile offices. They are quiet and comfortable making it easy to hold conversations and lay out strategies.

Each of the limos is equipped with the latest in GPS Technology. We understand our clients want to reach their destinations quickly so we take no chances. We maintain constant communication with our drivers to know the status and inform them of changes to the travel plan. They have adequate instructions. To keep our clients refreshed as possible there are amenities such as drinks, music, food and other features to keep them in a jovial mood. Some of them may prefer to work online and they will not be disappointed. The Executive corporate limo service has installed high speed internet in all the limos. Activities such as research and video calls are made easy to access.

One thing our clients notice whenever they step into the limo is how spacious it is. This is possible for those who hire the stretch limos or stretch vans. A table can easily be installed for someone to place their documents or laptops. The executives may invite clients or other working partners into the limo for discussion. The space is enough for a limited number of people. During the journey, they will have all the perks enjoyed in normal corporate offices. Productivity does not have to be stop when you are on the road.

Apart from the work and travel, we also consider some of our clients may want to take in the sights. After all what is a trip to L.A. without a little leisure? You may want to attend a social event, go to a party or entertain some of your clients. Whatever the reason, we have the right package for you. Going out in a limo adds a touch of elegance and increases your prestige. We cannot forget to mention the meals we serve in the limo while you are on the way to the airport or from it.

Our other corporate services includes:

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If you are about to visit L.A. and you need a reliable transport partner then book us on line or call our staff who is on duty 24 hours a day ready to take your phone call and serve you. Our rates are also affordable depending on the package you choose. Otherwise, Welcome to Los Angeles!!

Serving community in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley since 1995

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