Wedding Limo Services

wedding limo servicesThe wedding transportation you choose plays a big part in ensuring the success of the most important day of your life. It can be the reason you are on time for your wedding and the reason you are relaxed and smiling at the function. Our wedding limo services in San Fernando valley are geared at ensuring the success of your big day, the best way we know how.

Wedding Limo Services to the rescue:

The limousine will pick up the celebrants and their entourage, from the agreed pickup point and transport them to the church and later wedding reception as well as make different stops as agreed, for example to a studio to take photographs. We always do our part to ensure the day is a success. Here are a few details about our wedding limousine service.

The Limousines

The choice of limousine you make may be determined by the size of the party you will have and what kind of atmosphere you would want as you travel to the venue. For a big entourage, we can provide the party bus which has the capacity to accommodate many people but still maintain the elegance and luxury you would expect of a wedding. For a smaller entourage, the stretch limo would suffice and provide the traditional feel of limousine transportation. You can also have Executive Sedan cars and travel in separate cars from the entourage.

The Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs provided are trained and experienced in handling wedding clients and they carry out their duties with utmost professionalism and courteousness. They also dress up appropriately for the function to ensure they blend in and add to the elegance of your function. Time management is essential in ensuring a successful wedding function and the chauffeurs always keep that in mind. They will show up on time and drive safely to the different destinations while you sit back and relax knowing you are in safe hands.

The Experience

Our limo rentals for weddings are part of an entire experience, it is not just transportation from point A to Point B and we make every effort to ensure that you feel like a VIP. We understand that this is your red carpet moment and all eyes are indeed on you so we go the extra mile and actually roll out the red carpet for you. A bottle of sparkling non-alcoholic champagne and crystal glasses will be provided for you to enjoy as you travel to the venue, ambient music can be played according to your request and we encourage you to wait for the chauffeur to come and open the door for you to get out like the royalty that you are. This is part of an experience that is aimed at creating a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.

Extra Transportation

We do not just provide transportation for the bride & groom with their entourage, we can also provide transportation for the guests. Some guests from out of town may not be familiar with the area and you wouldn’t want them to get lost. Our limo service can also provide a shuttle for these people so that they can also get to the venue on time and safely. Even after the reception, there is no reason for anyone to drive while under the influence of alcohol, so we can provide the shuttle service to transport guests safely back to their home.

Special Requests

It is not uncommon for a couple to have a unique wedding with special requests. We are able to handle such special requests. For example, we can provide wedding party bus rental in Los Angeles for the bride and groom who may want to have a wild party as they travel to the reception venue. Or we can create a particular theme within the limo to match the theme at the reception. Our staff is willing to work with you to create that dream wedding you desire. We can discuss any special needs that you would like to be attended to on that day.


We offer very competitive prices for wedding transportation and we try to accommodate different types of budgets. The pricing will depend on the type of limo chosen as well as the number and what additional resources you may want us to provide. We do ensure that you get value for money at the end of it all.

All our provisions take into consideration that, limousine service in Los Angeles comes with certain expectations in terms of standards so we make every effort to ensure that we meet those expectations and standards.

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